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You gotta know your customer.

Whatever you’re selling – you have a customer. And the most valuable information you can possibly have about that potential customer is precisely how your service or product benefits them. What about your product is a magic serum? What about your product do your customers identify with? Sometimes it’s as simple as something tasting or smelling good – but not everyone is selling tacos and neroli oil. We’re a highly convoluted society with a zillion niche products and services on the market and every single one of them has a customer. I promise!


An example:

I knew a woman a few years ago whose lucrative freelance gig consisted entirely on her sitting on extremely ornate cakes. Just squishing the hell out of them. She’d wear a brocade burlesque get up – sometimes pasties, sometimes a bustier, ruffled panties, stockings – the whole nine, and would delicately apply the finishing touches to a gorgeous three-tiered cake before turning around and just sitting on it. That was it! It was art to some, erotica to others – but she had weekly customers, often at highbrow hotels and exclusive events.


While the fine art of cake sitting may not be terribly relatable to most small biz owners – the fundamentals of understanding the needs of your customer and being the greatest source around are. For some organizations – it’s about providing a service in a community where something is desperately needed. For others, it’s about being innovative and ahead of the curve, and therefore setting the trend. But importantly – no matter the type of products or services you’re selling, creating a good customer experience is paramount, and guarantees the return of that customer.


Draw up a list of no less than 10 different customer types you’d like to attract, and why your product can benefit them. Think about where they’re from, and what inspires them. How many different ways can these different people utilize your products, and for what purposes? The more you learn about your products’ flexibility, the more avenues you discover for marketing, branding and promoting your small business. Know your customer!