Badlands Creative | Is your small business website ready for 2016?
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Is your small business website ready for 2016?

If you’ve not refreshed your small business website for a number of years, then you’re not ready for the expectations of today’s user. Here’s a quick checklist to find out if your site is ready for 2016!


Mobile Responsiveness
Users are less likely than ever to visit your website from a standard PC, and Google has taken notice. Not only do non-responsive sites “break” on many devices, they lose big in search rankings if they don’t fit the accepted parameters for mobile responsiveness. Google won’t feature a site in mobile search results if it doesn’t work on all devices – and small businesses need that audience. Check your site’s mobile responsiveness here:


Social Media
If your social media links are referring to dead or unused accounts – or just pointed at dead space, you’re not taking advantage of a powerful marketing tool for small business. Stay active on social media and direct users to your site and then back again. Give them information to share, and inspire them by reinforcing your company’s culture and ideology.


Test your Forms
Sometimes small changes to websites mean certain elements stop working, so it’s a good idea to routinely check to ensure forms are still forwarding to the correct recipients and functions still work. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity because of a malfunctioning site.


Blog Content
We all begin our blogs with the best of intentions, but it’s important to keep it going for a variety of reasons. Blogs produce great, shareable content, which does a lot for creating awareness of your organization and it’s mission, but is also a valuable SEO tool. When a website is active and continually updated, it grabs the attention of the data aggregators that influence search results. Writing blog content does more than demonstrate your expertise, it actually improves your standing on search rankings and strengthens your website.


Your Competitors
Do you know who they are, and do you keep an eye on how they’re doing? If a comparably sized organization which offers much in the way of services as you do is doing double the business, it’s essential to find out why and how. How does their website look? What about social media? What are they offering users that tips the balance? And how can you improve your operations to attract greater volumes?


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