Badlands Creative | Your logo vs. your brand
Badlands Creative is a full-service creative design agency in Austin, Texas, specializing in affordable small business graphic design, website design and development, print, product and packaging design and creative strategy for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
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Your logo vs. your brand

When a customer approaches us for a logo, we instead offer a brand. Small business owners have many options for finding an icon to represent their organization – even the guys who print your checks and envelopes have gone into the logo selling business. Or there’s the dubious long-distance logo farm with $5 promises, and (sometimes) stolen design.The problem is this – you’ll miss the journey in mapping out the story of the culture, look, feel and mission of your organization in the process of getting something quick and cheap. And before long, you’ll be needing a new logo again.


Badlands Creative offers a branding package tailored to the needs of each individual client, no matter their size. Our mission is to provide you with more than a great icon and typography, we want to ensure your organization launches with a look, feel, culture and mission. That your communications are highly stylized, your presentations are polished and your customer has a visceral reaction to seeing your great style. We arm you with the kind of digital and print-ready resources that make you ready for promotion and standing tall against your competition. A smart small business strategy is to not let them know you’re working on the tightest budget around, and our aim is provide boutique-level of service and deliverables, on a startup budget. You’ll look the part, and still have launch revenue.

Get in touch with us today and let us help create a custom-tailored branding package that will help you launch with a consistent, beautiful style across all platforms.