Badlands Creative | It’s all about the details!
Badlands Creative is a full-service creative design agency in Austin, Texas, specializing in affordable small business graphic design, website design and development, print, product and packaging design and creative strategy for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
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It’s all about the details!

Customers appreciate when you go the extra mile, and attach a human element to your small business. It’s the little details which stand out, and create a memorable customer experience – and that’s what brings them back. When shipping a package to a customer from your e-commerce, you have the option to do three things:
  • Fail to meet expectations
  • Meet their expectations
  • Exceed their expectations


By creating a memorable un-boxing experience for customers, you’ll add a premium to their purchase and turn them into repeat customers. How to add that personal touch on a budget? Cut out a stencil of your logo and spray paint it onto your shipping boxes in silver or gold. Include a branded package insert, like a beautiful card or a note on custom stationary. Provide a discount code on future purchases and thank them for their support. Let them get a feel for the entrepreneur behind the scenes, and they’ll admire the quality and care provided in the sale. They’ll walk away feeling like they received a gift, and return to your organization for that extra mile of service.
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