Badlands Creative | Brand Experience – what does it mean?
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Brand Experience – what does it mean?

Your organization’s brand is among the first things your customers will experience and your goal should be to create a lasting impression.
A Columbia University research paper titled Brand Experience: What is It? How Do We Measure It? And Does It Affect Loyalty? identified five critical dimensions of the brand experience: sense, feel, thought, action and relating. Sense experiences are the sensory or aesthetic qualities of the brand – when you love what you see. Feel experiences are the moods or emotions that brands induce in consumers – it’s adorable or nostalgic. Thought experiences stimulate the imagination and intellect — “the brand makes me think about the happy times in life.” Action experiences stimulate behavioral reactions — “the brand makes we want to work out, or grab a snack, or purchase a new sofa.” Relating experiences refer to the social context of the brand experience — “I feel like I’m a member of an exclusive club, because I get this.” Brands might not incorporate all five dimensions of the brand experience, but the intensity of relevant experiences drives the strength of brand preference in consumers.

Good branding creates that important connection and makes a strong statement about your organization. It lends credibility to the products you create and the services you offer. Well-branded business are seen as more trustworthy among consumers, and are perceived to be performing better financially amid competition.


Our goal at Badlands Creative is to provide boutique-level branding services for your small business, so you can create an optimum brand experience for your customers. Let us help with your branding strategy today!