Badlands Creative | 2017 is a great year to tell the story of your small business
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2017 is a great year to tell the story of your small business

It’s a New Year, which means there are a million and one opportunities to follow your dreams, declare independence from your desk job and start your own business. But where to start? We suggest with a story.

There’s a lot of romanticism attached to building your own empire and living by your own rules. It’s a classic study in American grit and perseverance and small businesses are at a great advantage when it comes to crafting the story and ideology behind their organizations. There’s heroism in leaving behind the comfort and security of steady income and stepping out into the entrepreneurial wilderness. Your success is dependent upon your passion and creativity, and you develop a more nuanced persona when you decide to wear every hat at the company. It’s a story worth telling to the outside world, as well as using as your mantra when you begin to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into.

So while you’re in the development phase of rolling out your new business, or polishing up your existing brand – take the time to write down why you’re doing this, where you came from and where you plan to go. Why are you embarking on this labor of love, and how will the experience define your organization? How will you weather storms, and what do you want your customers to take away? Knowing the answers to those questions will help to establish the cultural fundamentals of your business, and will set the tone for creating good experiences for your customers.

January is a slower period for us at Badlands Creative, and is therefore a reflective time. We’re entering year four, and have learned a lot along the way. We came together as a small business operations director and strategist and an illustrator and screen designer. We wanted to create for a living, and spend more time with our families in the process. Our goal was to help others navigate the rough waters of developing their own business, brands and products, and to use our personal experiences (and nightmares) to help our clients avoid expensive pitfalls. We believe strongly in helping organizations launch with all the polish, credibility and resources that the big companies have, so they can look the part, and begin to compete on day one. That’s why we’re here, and we’re looking forward to another busy year of making that happen.